Durable, well-designed products that you can easily repair yourself – welcome the future both of fashion and of outdoor gear and equipment. This Earth Month we’ve got some videos that will help guide you in repairing and maintaining your outdoor gear, from your hiking boots to your trusty camping tent. 

Want top-condition outdoor goods for the next few years? It’s simple: Take care of them. It’s a good thing for the planet and your wallet. Our videos below will help you learn, save and help.

Taking care of your equipment

Clean and protect trail running shoes

Post-run, hike, jog or romp in the woods, taking care of your trail runners (and any shoe, really) by removing mud and not letting odour grow. It even gets waterproof protection – if your shoes feature waterproofness – to work properly. Watch below for the how-to. 

Repair a hole in your tent

A small hole in a camping tent doesn’t mean throw it out and buy the latest. Repair it in a few simple steps and keep using it yourself, and with the next generation of campers.

Store and care for climbing skins

During skiing’s off-season, proper storage of your climbing skins will keep them in top shape far longer.

We hope you find these helpful and that your products last as long as possible. We’ll see you outdoors!