Running has grown in popularity in recent years. It helps keep you fit, decompress and reduce stress. Perfect for anyone, this sport requires only one piece of equipment: a good pair of running shoes. Get expert advice on how to get started, how to choose your shoes, as well as product reviews. Training, long distance, trail running… Whether you're training for your next marathon or going for a jog, Altitude Sports has everything you need to go the extra mile.


Best Trail Running Shoes in 2024

Best Trail Running Shoes in 2024

From curvy single-tracks to rugged off-road terrain, trail running has a unique meaning for every person. Aside from the ultimate running gear, there’s one thing most trail runners need:...

How To Train For a Half Marathon

Embarking on a half marathon journey can be both exhilarating and challenging. In this insightful article, HOKA coach Anouka Trembaly shares her essential tips on training, to help you prepare for the big day and onwards. Meet AnoukaAnouka is actively involved in the running community as an ambassador for Je Cours QC, promoting marathon events in Quebec, and as a dedicated runner. She and her partner run their very own coaching club called Le Club des Flèches, where they offer personalized training plans for lovers of the sport. Her approach focuses on the joy of surpassing oneself, while respecting personal

Best Running Shoes in 2024

First and foremost, the type of running you do will largely determine the type of running shoe you choose. For example, are you focused more on road running or trail running? The difference is quite noticeable and will greatly influence your experience.Road running shoes are lightweight and breathable. They allow a fast and smooth stride, suitable over long stretches of flat terrain. Trail running shoes are designed to support your ankles. Above all, they have a stronger sole to protect your feet against the myriad obstacles littered across uneven terrain.Once you’ve identified the type of running you’ll be doing, start shopping

Best Trail Running Shoes in 2024

From curvy single-tracks to rugged off-road terrain, trail running has a unique meaning for every person. Aside from the ultimate running gear, there’s one thing most trail runners need: the best trail running shoes to cushion and protect their feet. We considered many shoes and tested the best eight in this guide. We found the Salomon Sense Ride 5 Trail Runners to be the best in terms of traction, advanced features, and comfort. When looking for the best trail running shoes of 2024, we scoured the market for shoes with the best cushioning, flexibility, weight, and waterproofing. We’ve found the top

The Complete Guide to Cold Weather Running

For all of winter’s dazzling beauty, there’s something sinister about it. Yes, that fluffy, festive season is a special kind of bummer for runaholics. Friends might say Why don’t you just join a gym? Maybe they’ll even advise you to “take up indoor sports.” But they don’t get it—not really. For you, nothing can replace the simple elegance and steady rhythm of a good ol’ run.But this year is going to be different. Because this is the year you take running back from winter.We present you with the complete guide to cold weather running. By the end of this article,

8 Best Winter Running Shoes for Cold Weather Runners

Cold weather running isn’t just for the pros. With the right pair of shoes, anyone can get a grip on winter running (see what we did there?). That’s why we’ve rounded up the very best winter running shoes. Read on to discover our personal favourites and essential accessories alongside tips for choosing the perfect pair to suit your needs!Our choice for the best overall winter running shoes this year goes to the Saucony Peregrine Ice+ 3 Trail Running Shoes. The water-resistant construction remains highly breathable, while the outsole features lugs that grip ice, snow, and even mud when the weather

9 Best Running Pants and Tights for Winter Running

As the seasons get colder, the number of runners continues to diminish. Running shoes are swapped for downhill and cross country ski boots; jackets are bulked up with extra insulation; and your willingness to set foot outside is tested as temperatures continue to drop. But there still remains that small faction of runners who refuse to submit to the elements.Some people aren’t made for skis and snowshoes, just like some aren’t made to keep running in subzero temperatures. But for those who partake in the sport of winter running, it requires determination, dedication, and the right weatherproof apparel.Luckily, our selection

7 Best Cold Weather Running Jackets for Winter 2024

For some, the falling snow and blistering winds mean it’s time to hang up their running shoes for the season; to switch gears, literally, to skis, snowboards, snowshoes and whatever else they might enjoy doing on snow and ice.But for those others who like to stick to their favourite activities all year round, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s swapping your road bike for a fat bike, or running straight through winter, we’ve got the apparel to get you through the cold. Here’s our list of the best winter running jackets for the 2024 season. HOW TO DRESS FOR WINTER

Ultimate Guide for the Best On Running Shoes

Whether you’re a trail runner who prefers stability or a road runner who demands cushioning, On has got a pair of running shoes for you. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about On running shoes:Why they are so popularWhich shoes are the best for road runningWhich shoes are the best for trail running and hikingHow we ranked each shoes Why Are On Running Shoes So Popular? So, what makes On shoes so popular in the running community? Much of the answer lies, well, underfoot. Put differently, each pair of On running shoes features their iconic outsole

Best Hydration Packs for Running in 2023

Whether you’re trail-racing, running a marathon, a casual runner or training for your next event, after your shoes a hydration pack for running should be the most essential piece of equipment on your list. We’ve compiled reviews, a guide and answered some FAQs to help you find the best hydration packs for running. Since aid stations are spaced far apart, a hydration pack ensures runners have enough hydration to make it to the next station.  Some hydration packs in our review have bladders or reservoirs, which are soft, flexible plastic bags that sit on your back. Others have pockets for soft flasks of water

HOKA Clifton 9 Running Shoes Review

Today, we’re excited to review the HOKA Clifton 9 Running Shoes. This is a multi-purpose pair of running shoes that’s perfect for running outdoors or on the treadmill. From participating in short 10km fun runs to half and full marathons, HOKA Clifton 9 shoes will be your new best friend.The variety of colours and the flashy style of the shoes will show your enemies that they can’t keep up with your Hollywood lifestyle. Cheapskates who buy HOKA Clifton 9 knock-offs at your local market will soon realize they’re running with concrete soles. But when you buy the real deal, you’ll

10 Best Running Shoes Brands

This article will give you a quick overview of the top 10 running shoe brands, so you can make an informed choice for your next daily outing. In our opinion, the best brands are the following and we will explain why in the next few lines:AltraOnNew BalanceASICSBrooksMizunoHokaSauconyAdidasSalomonFactors to consider when choosing running shoesFirst of all, enthusiasts know that there are several factors to consider when buying a running shoe. It starts with understanding a little about your foot, and what fits it. Here are some examples.Type of archNot all feet are the same. There are actually several types of arches,

How to Carry Water While Running

'Tis the season! While we all love to get outdoors in the warmer weather, there's no denying that the summer sun can make exercise tough. Beat the sun's strong rays with the right hydration gear and get the most out of your workouts. Shop Our Running Collection Carrying Water While Exercising Bikes are generally equipped with water bottle holders that are conveniently located so you can hydrate throughout your ride. There are also backpacks that hold water bladders and have a hose so that you can hydrate on the go. While hiking, you generally have a day pack which can

Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes

We’ll save you some time—if you’re looking for a plush, cushioned shoe, look elsewhere (like the Hoka One One, for example). Salomons are known for their firm, responsive runners that give your feet a good feel for the ground. Of all the Salomon trail running shoes reviewed, we found the Salomon Speedcross 6 GTX to be the best overall for their versatility and comfort. Whether you’re looking for the best Salomon shoes for hiking, winter running, or want to find the most affordable ones—this detailed guide is for you. THE TOP SALOMON TRAIL RUNNING SHOES REVIEWED Best all-around: Salomon Speedcross 6 GTX

Gift Ideas for All-Weather Runners

Ask any semi-serious runner: keeping up with training during winter months requires a whole other level of motivation. In fact, it can sometimes feel like an entirely different sport altogether. That's why having the right winter running gear and clothing is absolutely necessary to make sure you still get to enjoy the sport, regardless of how nasty the weather can get. With that in mind, giving a gift to a running enthusiast is not always easy due to the wide selection of toques, running shoes, sports watches and gloves on the market. If you're looking for running gift ideas, read

Best Long-Distance Running Shoes in 2022

When you’re running a marathon or covering long distances, you want a running shoe that will help you tackle the miles. Long-distance running shoes are built to last under high-mileage, intensive runs. Most on the market have high energy return in an effort to boost speed.This form of running requires a high level of physical endurance, extended timeframes, and long paths. We found that the best overall shoe for this strenuous activity is the Saucony Kinvara 13 running shoe. They epitomize the ideal running footwear with their cushioning and responsiveness.Here’s an in-depth look at our best long-distance running shoes. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente BEST ALL-AROUND

5 Best Thule Strollers 2022

Thule makes some of the best strollers to take on any adventure, for serious athlete families or avid exploring ones. With all the models and styles of strollers out there, making a decision can be overwhelming. To save you time, we’ve researched the best models by Thule and have revealed all the information you need to know below. For our top choice, we looked for a model that could be versatile enough for everyday use and jogging, had top-notch safety features, and was easy to maneuver—for these reasons, we chose the exceptional Urban Glide 2 Stroller. About Thule Strollers Thule

Best Brooks Running Shoes in 2022

Brooks is a pioneer in the running shoe industry. It all started when they created the world's first stability shoe in 1977, the Vantage, and began patenting different types of DNA midsole foams. From the GuideRails system that offers unobtrusive support for overpronators and neutral runners, to the 3D fit printed uppers and plush DNA foam, it’s hard to beat the features of Brooks running shoes at their price point. Over the years Brooks has amassed a large following, from workers in the healthcare industry who spend all day on their feet, to road and trail runners alike. For our top

6 Ideas To Get You Running This Spring

Whether you’ve been running for years or you’re hoping to use the current situation to start jogging, there’s no better time than the arrival of Spring - and quarantine - to start a training program.I’ve been racing regularly since 2010. For me, creating a racing program with a rigorous training plan doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. On the contrary, I need to feel motivated and proud every time I put on my shoes.To get you motivated I have 6 innovative ideas to get you outside while improving your running endurance.Explore your neighborhoodSince I’m spending most of my time with

Team Eco AR: Running Gear Review

The perfect shoe for adventure racing is akin to the holy grail: is it out there, or is it just a myth? No matter how much someone raves about a shoe, the reality is that there’s always compromise. Shoes are activity-specific, and each have their place in the quiver. In an adventure race, for example, athletes often change shoes at transition areas in an attempt to have the perfect tool for the next stage.  When we’re choosing a shoe, fit takes priority. Our selection then comes down to balancing choices within the long list of features. For example, a shoe that

Sustainable Performance: norda Trail Running Shoes

Introducing norda, founded in Montreal and proudly Canadian, and makers of the sustainable norda trail running shoes in a series that flat-out performs. norda is breaking boundaries and making history to prove that performance and sustainability should always run together. The dual commitment to high performance and sustainability is only possible because of a decision to use the most innovative materials on Earth. If norda compromised on technology, both performance and sustainability would suffer. So, no compromises. sustainable materialsBio-based Dyneema Fibre, found in the upper of the norda 001, is the world’s strongest and lightest fibre. It uses a mass balance

Saucony Ride 14 Review

Today, we’re thrilled to review the Saucony Ride 14 running shoes. This is a multi-purpose pair of running shoes, ideal for trail runs, sprint training, half and full marathons or just going to the gym. Saucony Ride shoes are your new bud who will always be there for you. The variety of bright colours is perfect for night training, especially so cars and paparazzi can see you. You'll need to be ready to smile at the cameras when running at an electrifying speed. Some buyers have confessed they have fallen in love with Ride 14 shoes and as a heads

Best Running Socks for Summer 2021

Picking the right pair of running socks doesn't have to be about choosing the most expensive pair. It’s about choosing the ones that are lightweight, fit well, designed with technical materials, and equipped with strong sweat-wicking properties. Don’t forget - your feet sweat too! It seems like most people focus on picking the right running shoes, while running socks often get neglected. A poor pair of running socks can lead to toenail problems, bursitis, blisters, infections, and other foot issues. Therefore, it’s best to look for high-performance or technical running socks that create the right fit and environment for your

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Got a fun run coming up? Training for a half or full marathon? Or are you entering a triathlon? Picking the right running shoes for flat feet can be very overwhelming. It isn’t about choosing the most expensive shoes. It’s about choosing a pair that’s comfortable and causes no pain when running. If you overpronate, the outer edge of your heel hits the ground first. Your foot then rolls inward onto the arch. You might be at a higher risk of getting shin splints, heel spurs, ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. For those who overpronate, you need maximum support,

Best Running Hats In 2021

Hats get a bad rap. It’s something you throw on when you’re in a rush or when you don’t feel like trying. But they’re more than a mere cloaking device—they’re an essential and versatile piece of kit for any serious runner. Think about it: The best running hats keep you warm in winter, shaded in the summer, and looking cool all the time. Can your fancy gloves do that? Didn’t think so.For such a comparably small investment, the best running hat can be worn while jogging your favourite trail or while enjoying a soirée on the town. As you’ll see,

Best Running Shorts in 2021

Proper running shorts are a game changer. They offer support, coverage, and ventilation to name just a few of their benefits. And, when you consider their relatively low price, it’s worth taking the time to choose the right pair. Of course, that’s easier said than done—not only do you have to consider the technical specs, but you’ll need to take size and fit into account. To make things easier, we’ve broken down our top picks for every style of running and every type of runner.Our title for the overall best pair of running shorts in 2021 goes to the PRAISE Abaddon

Best HOKA Running Shoes in 2021

Running is hard. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were just a little bit easier? Luckily, HOKA has made it their mission to create running shoes that do just that. While many brands are busy shaving down features to produce the most minimalist shoe on the shelf, HOKA has embraced a maximilatist design philosophy. The result is a line of runners that offers incomparable support, comfort, and shock absorption. In this article, we take a tour of our favourite HOKA running shoes for men and HOKA running shoes for women. We also tackle some frequently asked questions. TL;DR: For the best all-around

Best Running Headlamps in 2021

When the days start getting shorter, you may find yourself itching for an after-work run after sunset. Or, you might be an early bird that loves hitting the trails before sunrise. Whatever your reasons, a good running headlamp is an essential piece of kit for staying safe on a dark run. In this article, we’ll go through the top eight running headlamps on the market and discuss what we love and don’t like about each one. When testing running headlamps, we looked at factors such as the price for value, weight, brightness, runtime, and durability. Our favourite overall is the BioLite

In the Mountains with Joe Grant

How do you usually respond to the question “what is your profession?” The answer depends on the context. I specialize in mountain running and ultra distances - my job revolves around running, but also around the mountains and being an ambassador for the mountains. I’m an athlete, writer, photographer. I create content, I’m involved in product design and development. I organize events and work for nonprofits. I also do speaking engagements, and clinics. For the uninitiated, what distinguishes mountain running from trail running? The difference is highlighted in the names. Trail is on a set path and can get quite

Top 5 Gore-Tex Running Shoes

Take your running routine to the next level with GORE-TEX, the best waterproof membrane available. From torrential downpours to light drizzles, you’ll want to keep your feet dry, which is why we’ve prepared a list of the best waterproof running shoes on the market. With the right apparel and footwear, you can say goodbye to boring indoor routines on the treadmill and tackle the wet weather with confidence. ShoeChaussureBagSacTentTente Arc'teryx Tackle slush, mud and rain in the Norvan LD GTX trail running shoes.  Designed with GORE-TEX membrane, the Norvan LD 2 fits like a glove and offers exceptional weather protection

Best Running Watches

Of all the running watches we examined, the Garmin Forerunner 245 was our Best Overall running watch. It has exceptional technological capabilities and monitors advanced running dynamics.Let’s get started with our best running watches guide.Best Overall Running Watch Garmin Forerunner 245 A high-functioning Garmin at an accessible price? You’ve got it with the Garmin Forerunner 245. It provides users with detailed fitness tracking and long and short-term training analyses.The Forerunner 245 comes in two different versions, one with music storage of up to 500 songs. Both the Forerunner 245 Music and the Forerunner 245 have one or two-hour-long GPS tracked activities per

Best Stability Running Shoes In 2020

After reviewing the top stability running shoes on the market, we found the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 shoes were the best overall in comfort, stability, and cushioning. Below, we look at the best stability running shoes for different types of terrain and purposes. What is a Stability Running Shoe? Top Stability Running Shoes Reviewed:  Best Overall: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 Shoes Best-selling: ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 Shoes Best Premium: On Cloudace Shoes Best Lightweight: Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Shoes Best for Training: Saucony Omni ISO 2 Shoes Most Comfortable: Salomon Predict RA shoes What to Look for in a Stability Running Shoe FAQ for Stability Running Shoes

Best Garmin Watches In 2020

In the wake of the smartifying revolution, watches have gone the way of the telephone, becoming much more than their humble beginnings suggest. Today, a watch not only tells time—it tracks your location through GPS, plays your favorite music, syncs up with your smartphone, and measures all the nuances of your physical existence.  For its general wizardry in all these categories, Garmin’s Venu Watch is our top pick. Read on to discover why and which other models we’re excited about. The Top Garmin Watches Reviewed Best Overall Smartwatch Garmin Venu Watch Garmin’s Venu Watch does just about everything except cook

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