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Paddle Boarding Gear Guide & Check List

Paddle Boarding Gear Guide & Check List

During the fleeting summer months, any excuse is a good excuse to get out on the water. But before rushing out the door, you need to prepare. Whether it’s...

Paddle Boarding Gear Guide & Check List

During the fleeting summer months, any excuse is a good excuse to get out on the water. But before rushing out the door, you need to prepare. Whether it’s an afternoon of flat water paddling or a guided expedition down turbulent rapids, there’s a handful of SUP essentials you should never leave home without. In this article, we offer up a concise and comprehensive paddleboarding checklist for experts and beginners alike. Having the right gear for your adventure is the best way to make sure it’s always safe, comfortable, and maximally fun. Looking for a new paddleboard? Check out our

How To Choose a Paddleboard

What Is Paddleboarding?Paddleboarding is a fun, rewarding, and highly accessible water sport. As the name implies, the activity combines the act of paddling with a long flotation device. From a prone position, your arms act as the paddles that propel you forward. If you’re in a kneeling or standing position, you can employ an actual paddle.Before we go any further, a quick word on nomenclature. Paddleboarding refers to the act of lying prone on a paddleboard while using your arms to propel yourself through the water. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) - also known as stand-up paddle surfing - refers to the

Best Surf Swimwear for Women for 2021

From paddle out to pop up, the best surf swimwear for women needs to stay on securely. An active swimsuit needs to be functional as well as cute. You want to feel confident in the lineup and when paddling back out after a heavy set. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the best surf swimsuits based on comfort and mobility, durability, and fit. We’ve included surf bikinis that range from low to high coverage to match your style. We’ve also included both bikinis and one-pieces, so you’re sure to find something you love. Below, we’ll go through this season's

Everything You Need for a Day at the Beach

We’re lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty in Canada, including beaches, coast to coast. There are well-known spots like Tofino, Sandbanks, Bay of Fundy, Lawrencetown and Tadoussac. If those are far away, call your local tourism association to find out which beaches are close to home.Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to pack up and hit the sand! We’ve rounded up everything you’ll need for a great day at the beach. Swimsuits & Swim Shorts Everyday Sunday Wrap One-Piece LEARN MORE Patagonia Wavefarer LEARN MORE Everyday Sunday Wrap One-Piece LEARN MORE Patagonia Wavefarer LEARN

Avoiding the Plastic Vortex with icebreaker—One Swim & Panel Discussion at a Time

Feel like swimming through a huge pile of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean? That’s what icebreaker ambassador Ben Lecomte did with his Vortex Swim team in June 2019. Their destination was the infamous Pacific Trash Vortex in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between California and Japan. Ben swam more than 300 nautical miles towards it. Why? To raise awareness about a near-invisible threat to our ecosystem: microplastics.  On November 14, 2019 icebreaker presented a panel in collaboration with Altitude Sports about Ben’s expedition in the Pacific. Leaders in the sustainable development sector gathered in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood to discuss

O’Neill Hyperfreak Hydro Boardshorts Review

I’m not a professional surfer, but I've owned a ridiculous amount of boardshorts. The reason is simple, they just keep getting better. Materials have gotten stretchier, lighter, faster-drying. The shorts I owned just a few years ago are pretty much obsolete compared to what’s available now.  Pro’s Con’s Thin stretchy material: these shorts have more range of motion than your yoga teacher Hemless seams on the legs No-tie fly gets rid of the drawstring Insanely quick-drying Limited size range: The no-tie-fly doesn’t leave you much room for error, or room to grow either. Pro tip: if you’re not sure what size

Haida Gwaii: Have You Heard of the Islands of the People?

Have you heard of the Islands of the People? A place that sits in the Northern Pacific Ocean, exposed to the harsh brutal Arctic storms, worlds removed from the reaches of modern connectivity. Should you choose to venture to the archipelago you can do so via air or sea. Choosing the seafaring route my friends and I set off on the longest and most remote ferry passage we have ever taken. We did this so we could bring our vehicles to explore this hidden world more commonly known as Haida Gwaii. It’s been on my bucket list to travel to

Catching Waves in El Salvador with Rip Curl & OuiSurf

Rip Curl is synonymous with surfing. The Australian brand creates everything you need to get started catching waves along with styles for riders on the WSL professional circuit. Their ‘The Search’ campaign captures surfers from around the world in pursuit of the best waves and vibes, which is something I was yearning to experience to escape winter. OuiSurf, Quebec’s best surfing show, runs a camp in El Salvador for would-be’s and surfing veterans looking for their next wave. They’ve teamed up with Rip Curl among other brands and created the ultimate surf camp-vacay experience, where you learn, hang out, and

This Summer, Surf the Rip Curl Wave

What does Rip Curl mean? Nothing really accurate at first sight. In fact, the name of the Australian brand comes from an inscription scribbled at the bottom of a surfboard by Doug Warbrick, co-founder of the brand. Today, the name Rip Curl is synonymous with quality for all wave lovers and considered one of the best in the world of surfwear, alongside Quicksilver and Billabong. Shop Rip Curl The Rip Curl Origins Founded in Australia in the year 1969, Rip Curl focused initially only on the manufacturing of surfboards. Four handmade boards were designed each week in a small garage

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