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Looking for a way to relax while also getting a cardio workout in? In search of an activity that’s easy to start and accessible to all? Then look no further than cross-country skiing - the winter sport that lets you savor nature landscapes while keeping your mind and body active. At Altitude Sports, we invite you to slide into this icy universe with a selection of the best apparel and accessories for cross-country skiing, from Merino wool base layers to technical jackets. Our experts also provide the best tips and share their favourite places to cross-country ski in Canada.


The Cross Country Skiing Beginner’s Guide

The Cross Country Skiing Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday morning, 7:15 AM. The sun struggles to break through the clouds scattered here and there in the dawn sky. In just a few minutes, over to the east...

The Cross Country Skiing Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday morning, 7:15 AM. The sun struggles to break through the clouds scattered here and there in the dawn sky. In just a few minutes, over to the east, it'll suddenly set the horizon ablaze, and I'll be able to turn off the headlamp lighting my way along the cross country ski trail. In less than two hours, I'll be back at work, at home in front of my computer. What makes a sane person leave the warmth of their bed so early, brave the biting cold, all to to get lost in the woods at this time of night

What to Wear Cross-Country Skiing

Your friends hit the downhill slopes every weekend, but have you always wanted to try cross-country? You're not alone—cross country skiing is booming in 2022! Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to keep fit in winter. It's a cardio activity, but it's also quite peaceful (imagine skiing through the woods!) and suitable for the whole family. And with the right cross-country ski clothing, it's easier than you might think.While it often costs hundreds of dollars to buy new downhill ski equipment, cross-country ski equipment and clothing is much more affordable. However, it's not always easy to know how

Top 5 Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Quebec

Gaspésie National Park Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy Quebec winters while staying in shape during the coldest months of the year.As we enter 2022, the reality of the world around us is still a bit different from previous years. And it seems like everyone has now taken up an outdoor activity. While this craze is certainly something to celebrate, the crowds at some once nearly-deserted areas can be discouraging for some. So we'd like to introduce you to our favourite options, some more well-known than others, for cross-country skiing (and its cousin: nordic skiing!) in

Best Cross Country Skiing near Edmonton

Cross-country skiing may look slow-motion to those used to the speed of downhill, but in fact it’s a tranquil way to get outside and exercise - and far more demanding physically than you might think. What’s more, it’s widely accessible, with low-cost gear and trails that anyone can reach by public transportation. In The Cross Country Skiing Beginner’s Guide, our own Stéphanie Major shares her best tips and opens up about how cross country skiing helps her with seasonal depression. With many favourite activities cancelled or postponed due to COVID, and people getting more sedentary in winter anyways, there’s never been

Best Cross Country Skiing near Calgary

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been cross-country skiing for years, Calgary is an excellent place to explore on skis. With beautiful aspen-lined trails and sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains, cross-country skiing in Calgary is nothing short of exciting. Beginners can check our The Cross Country Skiing Beginner’s Guide to get started, then pop on over to our What To Wear Cross-country Skiing blog before you go.This guide to the city’s best cross-country ski spots includes parks and courses in town, as well as areas that make for a fun day trip not far outside of town. Beginner,

The Best Places to go Cross-Country Skiing in Ottawa

No need to go off the beaten path to discover snowy landscapes and trails that cut through the woods. The Ottawa and Gatineau regions are full of places to practice cross-country skiing– alone or with the family, beginners and experienced skiers alike have plenty to choose from. Whether you're in town or in the country, hundreds of kilometres await you if you're looking to get out into nature. Below you'll find our team's favourite places to go cross-country skiing in winter 2021. If this is your first outing, don't forget to check out our guide on how to dress for

Best Spots to Cross Country Ski Near Montreal

Increasingly popular in recent years, cross country skiing is enjoying a meteoric success in this pandemic year, and there is no shortage of places to cross country ski near Montreal. Some, well known to the general public and particularly popular with families and Sunday skiers, are much busier this year. Others, more hidden-away, offer a snowy paradise for skiers. No need to rush to the P'tit Train du Nord! This short article reviews five of our best places to cross-country ski in the Montreal area. And to find out how to dress for your outing, check out our head-to-toe guide.

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