Whether you’re a passionate thru-hiker or a world traveler, the Osprey Atmos AG Backpack is your perfect companion. Choosing the right backpack can be a big decision since having the wrong one can result in soreness and fatigue. For many adventurers, their hiking backpack is one of their most important pieces of equipment.

We tried and tested many different backpacks and found that the Osprey Atmos AG is top of the line in terms of comfort, breathability, and durability. The women’s version, the Aura AG, shares many of the useful features but is built for a female frame. Let’s dive deeper into this lightweight, innovative backpack. 

Osprey Atmos AG

The Osprey Atmos AG 50L backpack is a versatile pack that can be taken on overnight camping, short multi-day hikes, or week-long trips. It also comes in a larger 65L (men’s; women’s) size for extended thru-hikes and longer backpacking trips. The stand-out feature of the Atmos and Aura is a unique Anti-Gravity mesh back panel which keeps your back cool and makes heavy loads seem lighter. 

Staying organized is a breeze with an abundance of front and side pockets, attachments, and gear-specific compartments. Since the mesh back panel makes constant contact with your body and the straps are fully adjustable, the fit can be fine-tuned for any body type. Some cons include that the backpack doesn't come with a rain cover and is a bit of an investment. 

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Why Should You Consider the Atmos AG 


What makes the Osprey Atmos and Aura stand out is the broad, spacious Anti-Gravity mesh back paneling. The open mesh back panel lets air circulate without compromising on structure. It’s nearly seamless, eliminating common pressure points and relieving tension from your back. Even if your bag is loaded with climbing gear, a sleeping bag, and other camping equipment, it won’t feel as heavy. 

Since the single back paneling mesh extends to the hip belt, the bag evenly distributes weight on the hips, and the construction moves with your body. It feels like the bag is hugging your body, rather than you’re lugging it on your back. 


Since the pack comes in three different sizes, you can find the best one for your frame. The well-padded shoulder straps can be adjusted on the go and give around 10 cm of vertical range. The hip belt can also be adjusted on the fly with velcro fins; it conforms precisely to your shape with 15 cm of adjustment. Regardless of your body size, the Osprey Atmos or Aura will fit comfortably. 

For another way to dial in the fit, you can move the shoulder harness up and down along the track. This supports pack weight above the shoulder line so the load doesn’t feel top-heavy. The slidable stiffener also gives the shoulder straps more structure without being too rigid. 


Thanks to the AG system, sweaty discomfort is ruled out even on warmer hikes. Since it’s made of a continuous piece of breathable mesh, sweat easily passes through the material, keeping you cool. You’ll be amazed at how breezy you feel while hiking thanks to the pack’s construction. 

Access & Compartments

If you’ve ever owned a hiking backpack, you know the headache that comes with being disorganized. One of the best parts about the Atmos and Aura is the multitude of separate pockets and compartments. There are stretch mesh side pockets where you can place a water bottle or spare gear. There are also front stretch pockets with a drain that is perfect for storing wet clothes. 

If you don’t need as much space, the removable lid on top of the bag can be left at home or in your tent. The bag also features a separate sleeping bag compartment and removable sleeping bag straps, as well as a nifty Stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment. There are also upper and lower compression straps and bungee loops to latch gear to the outside of the pack. 


You’ll find reinforced materials along the top and bottom of the hip belt with thicker mesh on the top for durability. There are also two sturdy pads on the bottom of the bag which protect its frame. The stretchy, malleable exoshell material hugs your body and is durable for challenging use. There’s also solid paneling in the front stretch pockets to protect from rips and tears. 


Averaging around 2 kg, the Osprey Atmos and Aura AG are incredibly lightweight. The bag itself won’t add much extra weight to your load. Here are the specific weights for each respective model: 

  • The Aura 50L bag weighs 1.82 kg for Extra Small, 1.86 kg for Small, and 1.9 kg for Medium. 
  • The Aura 65L weighs 1.92 kg for Extra Small, 1.96 kg for Small, and 2.01 kg for Medium. 
  • The Atmos 50L weighs 1.79 kg for Small, 1.8 kg for Medium, and 1.8 kg for Large. 
  • The Atmos 65L weighs 2.04 kg for Small, 2.07 for Medium, and 2.10 for Large. 

Overall, the weight of the bag is incredibly impressive considering all of its features and compartments. For the amazing comfort it provides, we feel like it comes at a great weight. Although it isn’t the lightest pack on the market, the innovative suspensive system that can carry over 20 kg makes up for it. 

Osprey Atmos hiking


Altitude Sport’s customers love the comfort and perfect fit of the Osprey Atmos. 

“Just got this pack and used it on our first hiking trip. I was very impressed, the suspension system makes it feel much lighter and the waist belts and adjustments ensure that the weight is held properly on your hips. Also the pockets and attachments are really nice to have and make it very easy to pack and distribute the weight properly.” – Roger B. 

“…It fits like a glove and is adjustable to fit your body. Hipbelt wraps around you. Shoulder straps are well padded. Used it for a weekend overnight hike and was very comfortable on a 30 mile (roundtrip hike). In addition Osprey offers the No matter anything warranty. Highly recommended.” – Nicola C. 

Women who have used the Aura  have similar feelings about the wonderful AG system and overall comfort of the backpack. 

“The suspension on this backpack is amazing. Feels like you are carrying 20 pounds less than with any other model. I did a 21 days backpacking trip with it and it went perfectly. 100% recommend!!” – Marie-Helene D.


Is the Osprey Atmos 65 waterproof?

It’s not waterproof but is water-resistant thanks to the nylon material. 

How much weight can Osprey Atmos carry?

The Osprey Atmos can carry over 20 kg. 

Does the Atmos 65 come with a rain cover?

No, it doesn’t come with a rain cover but you can buy one separately to complete the kit. You can also easily store the rain cover in the top removable lid.

Osprey Hiking Mountains

Final Thoughts

The Osprey Atmos AG Backpack is a one of a kind pack that will keep you comfortable and cool. For those looking to hike or travel with more than 20 kg of weight, this backpack is one of the best options. The Anti-Gravity system will reduce any heavy feel thanks to the weight distribution across the back, shoulders, and hips. If you hike in warmer climates, you’ll love the breezy ventilation this backpack provides. 

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