Whether you have a closet full of waterproof garments or you rely on that one classic raincoat that’s gotten you through the toughest showers for women or men, there are a variety of waterproof fabrics and membranes which are sure to get the job done. This ultimate DryVent guide will help steer you right with one of the most versatile fabrics out there.

While GORE-TEX has become the most popular and well-known, DryVent is by far the lighter and more flexible of the two. It is PU-based and offers waterproof, windproof and breathable benefits. It’s also developed by The North Face.

What is DryVent?

DryVent, which was commonly referred to as HyVent in the past, is a PU-based fabric engineered to be not only windproof and breathable but fully waterproof as well. This fabric is equipped with a DWR treatment located on the outer face, which allows water droplets to form and be repelled from the surface of the fabric keeping the wearer dry.

DryVent fabrics can be found in a variety of products and will range in different types of weights, textures and performance characteristics.

Different Types of DryVent

Like the different levels of a raincoat, DryVent is also available in multiple layers—2L, 2.5L and 3L fabrics. Each level of DryVent will be designed for a specific type of product and meet the performance requirements of the user.

DryVent 3L

Primarily used for high-performance products where the user is engaging in more extreme activities, in more severe conditions where durable and breathable products are necessary. These are highly-technical garments designed to withstand the worst of weather while keeping you comfortable.

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DryVent 2.5L

DryVent 2.5 layered clothing is most commonly used for those embarking on highly active, fast and light pursuits. This user requires a product that is both lightweight and highly packable. A special dry-touch print on the inside actually lifts the fabric from the skin, which means better comfort and better transfer of moisture vapour through to the outside of the shell fabric. You’ll usually find DryVent 2.5L in unlined clothing and accessories.

DryVent 2L

The most versatile of the three. This is used mostly across all categories and is often found in clothing and accessories which are lined with a secondary fabric to increase the warmth of the user.  The lightweight flexibility of 2L makes it ideal for multiple looks, style, cuts and finishes

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Consider your type of activity and the weather you’ll be facing before choosing DryVent apparel. The good news is that it covers every range of weather and is flexible enough to protect you during any activity.

If you are looking for even more intense protection and a substitute for the toughest Gore-Tex, check out the new Futurelight series by The North Face. Whatever you choose, these technologies allow you to get outside and stay there.