Have you ever fought with with a pair of leggings? Or even a pair of stockings? If your response is ‘no,’ it’s because you surely have not yet tried compression clothing.

“Why would I struggle with a tight piece of clothing when I can simply go play sports in spacious and comfortable attire?” you ask.

Well, let me explain the benefits on this close-fitting product.

Primary Benefits & Effects on Performance

The main reason compression clothing exists is to improve blood circulation during physical exercise. The goal is to compress muscles so that they, while contracting, constrict veins. This then enables blood to reach the heart more easily while improving muscle oxygenation. Another benefit is that compressive apparel prevents the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles during training/competitions, and helps the body to recuperate more rapidly after it and reduces muscular inflammation.


  Men’s Leggings

Women’s Leggings    

More About Compression

Compression clothing also has other benefits such as improving proprioception and balance. It can even play a role in psychologically minimizing the perception of pain.


  Women’s Ultra 2.0 CRx Sock

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Different Types of Compression Clothing

We often see coloured compression socks on runners; however, there are also other compression products on the market. The technology is also available in leg warmers that stabilize the calf muscle, full length & ¾ leggings, and short/long sleeve shirts.


  Men’s Compression Shirt

Ultra 2.0 CRx Recovery Tight

One last thing to keep in mind when shopping for compression apparel; pay close attention to the type of compression that you choose! There are types for during and after physical effort. You may wear the ‘during’ even after training to aid in recovery; however, you cannot wear the ‘after’ during physical exertion as this type of compression is much more elevated. You risk being very uncomfortable, as well as experiencing no effect on your training.

On this note, have a good training and a quick recovery!