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Marmot Canada: a match made in outdoor heaven

Founded in 1974, Marmot is a Colorado-based company. However, there are so many things about this brand — from its well-insulated jackets to the tents fit for any adventure — that make it the perfect match for Canadian winters. That’s why Marmot + Canada = the perfect combination.

The best rain shells on the market

Marmot is well-known for their rain shell jackets. Rain shells are a unique kind of outdoor jacket. They are purposefully very lightweight and non-insulated — their main selling point is that they are completely waterproof. Instead of offering warmth through insulation, they make it easy to layer other items of clothing underneath.
Marmot offers both travel-friendly lightweight rain jackets and heavy-duty GORE-TEX options. Their most common ...rain shell models include the PreCip Eco and the Minimalist. Both are highly-rated and come in a variety of colours

Clothing and accessories for men, women, and youth

Are you planning an exciting outdoor advantage for the whole family? Depending on the season, you’ll want to stock up on a new pair of shorts or pants. Who are we kidding — the weather tends to be so temperamental that you’ll probably need to stock up on all of the above no matter the time of year!
Aside from its clothing offers, Marmot also offers an array of accessories. This includes bags as large as the Urban Hauler and as small as the Kompressor waist pack. Accessories is an often overlooked part of the outdoor experience, but if you remember to buy them you’ll thank yourself later.

Sleeping bags to keep you warm throughout the long, cold night

Marmot is also well-known for their sleeping bags. Engineered from high-quality materials, Marmot sleeping bags are designed to give you the best outdoor sleep imaginable. You can choose from sleeping bags rated for extreme cold weather or something more lightweight. Aside from their classic mummy-style sleeping bags, Marmot also offers insulated quiltys and double wide sleeping bags.

Stylish tents that are easy to assemble

Whether you’re looking for a tent for one person, three people, or even more than six people, Marmot has plenty of options. Their tents are sleek, lightweight, and incredibly durable — what more would you want out of your home away from home?
Protect your investment in a high-quality tent by purchasing a footprint to go underneath its body. A tent footprint is designed to repel moisture and present flooding, as well as to protect your team from scuffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marmot a Canadian company?

No, Marmot is not a Canadian company. It was founded in Colorado, USA, and is now based in California, USA. Marmot products are available worldwide.

Who is Marmot owned by?

Marmot is a subsidiary of Newell Brands, an American manufacturer.

What is the warmest Marmot jacket?

The warmest Marmot jackets include the aptly-named Montreal coat. This women’s coat comes packed with high-quality down that is also waterproof. For men, the warmest jacket would probably be the Stockholm model, which has similar specifications to the Montreal jacket.

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