Baby Jogger

For those early morning jogs that seem silly to find a baby sitter for, a Baby Jogger stroller is the perfect alternative. Their agile and easy-to-use design make them perfect for a variety of environments so you and the whole family can enjoy some time together and you don’t have to compromise your exercise. |split|

Jogging Strollers & Stroller Accessories

Baby Jogger was founded in 1984 by Phil Baechler who was a local newspaper journalist. Phil was an avid jogger and wanted to be able to include his son with him on his jogging routine so he created the baby jogger, a stroller durable enough and designed to endure long distance usage. For those who find a standard stroller Is not capable to keep up with your jogging routines, the Baby Jogger is just what you need. There are now a selection of models available so everyone can find the perfect stroller to fit their needs.
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