From portable grills and cook stoves to solar kits and camp lights, BioLite carries a wide variety of products that will keep you connected and fed while out in nature. These products are great for those who are headed out on multi-day adventure that will need a way to charge-up navigational electronics.|split|

Adventure Camp Gear & Energy-Outlets

BioLite is a company based out of New York City who manufactures off-grid energy products. Their line of products includes wood burning stoves for cooking that produce usable technology by utilizing thermoelectric technology. The company’s mission is “to bring Energy Everywhere™.” In 2008, BioLite founders, Jonathan and Alec discovered that their technology could make a difference in places in the world where people live in energy poverty. With products such as the BioLite HomeStove, fuel consumption is cut in half and the toxic emissions it produces are reduced by 90%. In order to bring their technology to life, they needed a business thus the birth of BioLite.
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