Rite in the Rain

Don’t let wet weather impede your writing abilities in the field and ensure your important notes, drawings or journal posts are readable even when the rain is falling with the durable products from Rite in The Rain. Shop their collection of products equipped with all-weather paper like the Outdoor Spiral Journal and fight back against undesirable weather conditions.|split|

Outdoor Travel Journals for Adventures

Rite in the Rain was established in 1916 by an entrepreneur name Jerry Darling. It had come to his attention that poor weather conditions have a large effect on those working in industries such as the logging industry who must take notes on paper in a variety of weather conditions. When it rains, paper gets wet, and ink will run and Jerry Darling had the solution. Jerry and his wife, Mary produced a collection of hand-dipped sheets of paper that were protected with a unique moisture shield that could withstand the poorest weather conditions. Over the year, they have perfected their process and now offer a collection of products for those who brave the outdoors no matter what the weather forecast is calling for.
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