Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes

Sales taxes may apply to your order with us, on both the products themselves, as well as the cost of shipping. The taxes to be paid depend on where you are having your order delivered.

Orders delivered within Canada


Alberta (AB) GST is 5%
British Columbia (BC) GST is 5%
Manitoba (MB) GST is 5%
New Brunswick (NB) HST is 13%
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) HST is 13%
Northwest Territories (NT) GST is 5%
Nova Scotia (NS) HST is 15%
Nunavut (NU) GST is 5%
Ontario (ON) HST is 13%*
Prince Edward Island (PEI) HST is 14%
Quebec (QC) GST is 5%
PST is 9.975%
Saskatchewan (SK) GST is 5%
Yukon (YT) GST is 5%


*Customers who have their packages delivered to Ontario do not have to pay the 8% HST Ontario portion on clothing and shoes for children. A 5% tax applies to this category of products. Because our web platform cannot calculate this exception, we suggest you place your order with the ordinary HST amount (13%), and contact our customer service so that we may correct the tax percentages manually.

Orders delivered internationally

Orders delivered outside of Canada are shipped using Canada Post and are not subject to Canadian taxes. Because the shipments pass through customs, they are subject to import duties, taxes, and custom processing fees. In most cases, a bill will accompany the delivery, and is payable upon receipt of the package, or the bill will follow shortly in the mail. All taxes and customs duties are the responsibility of the recipient of the delivery. Please note that we cannot estimate the amount of the taxes,duties and/or fees that will be applied to international orders. We suggest you contact your country's customs bureau before placing your order.