Altitude Sports
Altitude Sports


Size   XS S M L XL
Men's/Unisex in 7.25-7.75 7.75-8.25 8.5-9 9-9.5 9.5-10
cm 18.4-19.7 19.7-21 21.5-23 23-24 24-25.4
Women's in 6.25-6.75 6.75-7.25 7.25-7.75 7.75-8.25 N/A
cm 15.9-17.1 17.1-18.4 18.4-19.7 19.7-21 N/A

Choosing the right size

Determine your size from the chart by choosing the larger of the two measurement results.

Palm length: From the crease at the base of your wrist (on palm side) to the tip of your middle finger

Palm girth: Around your dominant hand at the knuckles with your fingers together