arena  Freestyle Breather

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The innovative and patented arena training tool Freestyle Breather is perfect for fitness swimmers. It helps to improve the breathing and crawl swimming technique. The tool is easy adjustable and is compatible with the arena goggles Nimesis, Nimesis Polarized, Imax 3, Sprint and Cruiser Soft. It helps to breathe freely and balanced and therefore to swim more relaxed. Two particularly designed parts keep the water away from the nose and generate a larger air pocket to prevent from inhale water. At the same time the Freestyle Breather reduces the head rotation and optimizes the position in the water. In 2012 this training tool won the Red Dot Design Award. Also available for kids.

• Helps to breathe freely and to improve the technique
• Creates a larger air pocket, for easier breathing, reduces head rotation and optimizes the position in the water
• Easy attachment at the goggles, patented and award-winning design: Red Dot Design Award winner 2012
• Ideal for fitness swimmers
• 100% Polypropylene

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