beryl  Blaze Burner Rear

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Powerful. Intelligent. Fuss-free.

With our obsessive attention to detail, the Burner is painstakingly engineered to be the best back light on the road, yet simple to use – high performance and fuss-free.

• 100 lm ensuring daylight visibility
• 6 modes: Bright/Normal Steady, Sweep, Beating, Chase, Sides
• 180? visibility thanks to raised LEDs
• Smart light sensor automatically turns Burner on in low light
• Fast and secure magnetic mount with angle adjustment
• Precise charge indication through LEDs string
• 5h ‘get me home’ light (normal steady) at 85% depletion
• Quick USB recharge: 50% in 1h, 100% in 4h
• Waterproof, though not for underwater cycling
• Aircraft grade aluminium casingBrightness

• Brightness: 100 lumens
• Visibility: 180?spread
• Battery life: 60h on a single charge
• Precise charge check: Your power level, one click away

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