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BioLite  BioLite PowerLight

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Ultimate portability with maximum functionality: charge and light with a device that fits in your pocket.
• The anchor to the NanoGrid system. Warm, powerful lighting meets portable off-grid charging to create an energy hub in the palm of your hand.
• The powerful 4,400 mAh Li-Ion battery can be recharged from any USB source (including BioLite products) and then share power to any of your USB chargeable gear
• 3-in-1 PowerLight helps you find your way, light your site, and enjoy your surroundings
• 450 lumens of broad spectrum light in your pocket. See colors in dark conditions while creating an inviting, home-like atmosphere that mimics daylight
• Rigid 360 S-Hook hangs on closed loops and angles light from almost anywhere

Features :
• Edge-lighting is a process where we've created panels that bend light around the internal battery, resulting in a compact design and soft light.
• A unique textured pattern on the lens reflects LED lights on a steep angle to control where and when it escapes the lantern. The pattern follows a gradient, allowing even light from bottom to top of the lens.
• This creates a powerful light with no hotspots that can simultaneously fit in the palm of your hand. Non-edge lit designs mean concentrated glares that leave spots in your eyes and require cavernous spaces in the product.
• Lumens: 250 Lm torch; 200 Lm lantern
• Battery 4400 mAh lithium-ion 16 Wh storage
• Dimensions 2.22 x 5.27 x 1.15 in
• Weight 7.05 oz (210 g)
• Outputs USB charge out; 2.5mm connector

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