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Rangr Snowshoe


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Designed to support heavy loads in the backcountry. The large, but compact bearing surface, gives an unparalleled ratio between strength, low weight and maneuverability. Rangr is the original Fimbulvetr snowshoe, for maximum floatation and grip in all snow conditions. An excellent tool for making first tracks in flat and hilly terrain.

• ALL DIRECTION HINGE™ : Drastically improved traction and support in all directions. Patent: US 9 107 469.
• HEAVY DUTY: No permanent mechanical fixtures. Maximum load capacity.
• COMPONENTS: Renewable source plastic. Stainless steel. 100% recyclable
• COLD WEATHER OPERATION: Stress tested in -40C/F with more than 1 000 000 cycles.
• ASYMMETRIC DESIGN: Just like your feet. Enables natural stance and unconstrained movement
• Speciality: Deep powder
• Terrain: Rolling
• Recommended load: <140 kg/300 lbs

• Length: 71 cm/28 in
• Width: 28 cm/11 in
• Area: 1702 cm²/264 in²
• Weight: 2216 g/4.14 lbs
• Made in Norway

Product style: fbv-101a

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