Garneau  LG1 Sports Drink 907g

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Much more than just a thirst quencher!
LG1 Sports Drink is a blend of natural sugars from fruit, Vitamin C and extremely concentrated mineral salts that ensure optimal hydration and maximal absorption of carbohydrates for improved performances.

• 25g of carbohydrates: LG1 Sports Drink contains only natural sugars that provide the energy you need for your sports activities. A blend of simple and complex carbohydrates helps sustain intense and prolonged physical efforts.

• Sodium: A liter of sweats contains 900 to 1,900 mg of sodium. In hot and humid weather, athletes can lose up to 2 liters of sweat. LG1 Sports Drink contains the quantity of sodium required to replace the one lost during the effort. Sodium helps maintain the body's water balance and ensures a better absorption and retention of carbohydrates and liquids during the effort. Sodium also helps improve the taste and stimulates the consumption of a sufficient quantity of liquid and electrolytes to improve athletic performances.

• Vitamin C: Helps maintain immune function. It promotes the absorption of the iron required for oxygen transport and helps maintain healthy tissues, ligaments and bones, as well as contributing of the production of red blood cells.

• Antioxidants: Protect cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals produced by intense physical exercise and help maintain good health.

• LG1 Sports Drink also contributes to the daily intake of potassium, magnesium and calcium, three important minerals for muscle contraction during an effort.

• Light and fresh taste: Favors rehydration, even during intense periods of heat. It has been demonstrated that taste is an important factor to favor the consumption of a sports drink during physical effort.

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