Giro  Women's Eave White Velvet - Vivid Pink and Infrared Lens

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The Eave™ goggle offers our most irresistable modern design to date. This fresh look is achieved through Infinity lens design for a flashy new frameless look with infinite style. These top-of-the-line women’s goggles are styled with a magnetic quick-change lens system, EVAK vent technology, and two toric VIVID lenses with Optics by ZEISS. The Eave is customizable with the new Adapt Strap to fine-tune your style.

• Compatibilité parfaite avec tous les casques Giro, OTG friendly, Adapt Strap compatible
• EXV - Expansion View Technology
• EVAK™ Vent Technology
• Triple-layer face foam with Plush Max fleece facing
• Revêtement antibuée
• Ajustement: EXV frameless design for women
• Type de verre: Infinity Lens design, Quick Change magnetic-assisted lens system, Toric VIVID lenses with Optics by ZEISS, Includes two VIVID ZEISS lenses - one sun / all-conditions & one low-light lens

Lens tint simulator : Giro propose tout un assortiment de verres en polycarbonate très performants dans une large gamme de teintes de verre, afin d'améliorer votre vision dans différentes conditions climatiques, que le ciel soit d'un bleu intense ou noir en pleine tempête. Chaque verre filtre 100 % des UV nocifs et est doté de revêtements durables qui résistent à la buée et aux rayures. Certaines teintes de verres incluent des revêtements « miroir » qui adaptent la transmission de la lumière pour une vision optimale. VIVID Lens Technology is featured on Giro’s complete line of premium goggles. With nine models in total, we have Vivid-equipped options for any skier or snowboarder, male or female, from riding groomers to lapping the park to backcountry adventures.

• Vivid Pink Lens: S2 : Mixed Clouds 19-42% VLT
• 32% VLT: This all-day pink miror allows a high portion of long wavelength red light with a reduction in infrared rays. The result improves contrast and definition from cloudy to sunny days.

VLT(visible light transmission rating may vary slightly between spherical and cylindrical lenses due to manufaturing processes)

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