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GoPro  The Jam - Adjustable Music Mount

$69.99 CAD

No Color / OS - $69.99 CAD

Mount your GoPro to almost anything on stage to give you and your fans an immersive new perspective of performances, rehearsals and jam sessions. The Jam can be used on guitar headstocks, drum hoops, keyboards, brass instruments, mic stands and more. Its highly adjustable design can be customized to three different lengths for extreme capture flexibility. The ability to grip countless objects, including super slim shapes, makes it a great mounting option for activities beyond music.
Compatibility: All GoPro cameras

What's included: The Jam (Adjustable Music Mount)

• Mounts to guitars, drums, mic stands and more
• Lightweight, highly adjustable design
• Customizable to three different lengths
• Versatile mounting for a wide range of activities beyond music.