Merino Cleaner - 300ml


Merino Cleaner - 300ml

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Detergent with balance PH, keeping the soft feel of Merino against the skin, The ultimate way to clean wool garments with the added bonus of protection from moth damage.

Merino might be great for not stinking after a few days on the hill but it's a natural firbre and still needs to be looked after. Normal household detergents are extremely harsh and leave behind perfumes and other contaminants that work against the wicking or breathable features.

A Merino Cleaner uses the same base formulation as our Performance Cleaner with the addition of Cedar extract, a known moth repellant. Merino Cleaner has a unique blend of ingredients so you can be sure your clothing is clean, even at low temperature washing.

• Specifically formulated for wool garments
• Gentle cleaning action removes dirt and refreshes garments
• Natural Cedar extract helps repel moths
• Volume: 300ml (10 fl. oz)

bluesign® approved
The bluesign® standard is a widely accepted, reliable and proactive tool certifying the eco-friendliness of the entire textile production chain. Instead of focusing on finished product testing, the bluesign® standard analyses all input streams - from raw materials to chemical component, to resources. Prior to production, components are assessed based on their ecotoxicological impact. Potentially harmful substances can ence be eliminated before production even begins.