GSI Outdoors  Escape 1 Person Table Set

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Color: Blue
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Incredibly efficient, flat-folding silicone bowl

Since their invention, cups and bowls have been defined by their volume, their literal ability to hold water as it were. But this definition was also a prison when it came to space, as a 12 fl. oz. cup occupied at least 22 cu. in. of highly-valuable pack space (plus a little more for materials).The bigger the cup, the bigger the bowl, the more space it occupied, so hungry, active adventurers were always forced to lug around bigger and bigger bags which inevitably burnt more calories in a relentlessly vicious, never-ending cycle. But no more, GSI Outdoors offers you an escape from cups and bowls which have until now been free to carve out huge portions of your pack as their own personal territory. With a clever collapsible design that shrinks down to an inch or less in height, the Escape Cup and Escape Bowls free you and your pack of the empty weight of those heretofore freeloading vessels. And with molded-in graduations for easy measuring and a sturdy nylon rim and base to help prevent sloshing and spills.

• Collapsible design shrinks to 1"" (24 mm) high disc for effortless packability
• Sturdy nylon rims and bases maintain their form to prevent unexpected sloshing or spills.
• Molded in graduations for easy measuring and portioning
• Material : Nylon, Silicone
• Major Dimension : 22 fl. oz.
• Includes : 17 fl. oz. Collapsible Cup, 22 fl. oz. Collapsible Bowl, Folding Foon, Stuff Sack Dimensions: 7.1 in x 6.1 in x 1.1 in
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