Hanwag  Men's Alta Bunion Light Trekking Boots

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The Alta Bunion is a classic lightweight leather hiking boot for people with hallux valgus. It provides extra space for the big-toe joint to ensure full comfort during easier trekking trips.

• Special Bunion Last for people with hallux valgus
• Innerside: particularly soft leather lining with no seams at the big toe joint to reduce the risk of rubbing and pressure points at the bunion
• Cemented construction, easy to resole
• Chrome-free leather lining
• Vibram® sole
• Deep-pull lacing for a firm fit at the heel
• Leather reinforcing heel tension element
• Clamping lace hooks on top section of uppers for precise and rapid lacing
• Extra soft leather at instep beneath the lacing for optimal flex without pressure points
• Flex zone at heel
• Flexible lacing rings attached via fabric loops
• Padded cuff in soft leather
• Shock Absorb: additional shock absorber in the heel

Details :
• Made in Europe
• Upper: Waxed nubuck
• Sole: Vibram® Endurance
• Sole Features: Good cushioning High traction on softer ground (forest, grass etc.) Very good flex Full-length cushioning
• Lining: Chrome-free leather
• Last: Hallux (Bunion) Last
• Lace length: 180 cm, 6 mm
• Weight in g (shoe size 7-7.5): 670

• Vibram: Named after the Italian “Vitale Bramani”. Vibram is probably the world’s best known manufacturer of high-end sole units.
• B/A category: Made for light hikes in lowlands, low mountain ranges or the foothills of the Alps. For both good and poor paths, also suitable for hut-to-hut trails.
• Hallux Valgus: The HANWAG Bunion Last was developped for people who suffer from bunions (hallux valgus). It provides more space for the big toe joint.
• Terracare Zero: High-quality cowhide from the Heinen Tannery in Germany. Tanning is carried out in accordance with strict environmental guidelines and using CO2 neutral energy.
• 100% Resoleable: Thanks to their cemented construction or double stitched construction our boots and shoes can be resoled as many times as required.
• Air-pulse system: Increased comfort and enhanced air circulation due to a pumping action in the tongue and cushioning while walking.
• Chromium Free leather: Chrome free tanned lining leather, also suitable for people who are allergic to ordinary leather.

*This style has been converted to Canadian/USA sizing

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