ICEMULE  Cooler Classic Medium 15L

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Soft 15-Litre Cooler-Backpack.

Instead of hauling a hard case on your hike, trek or camp, strap on the Icemule 15 Litre COOLER CLASSIC and bring your fave bevy’s where you go without even noticing it. The Cooler keeps ice frozen for 24 hours, meaning cold drinks in remote locations. It carries like a side bag or backpack, leaving your hands free. Roll up the top and cinch it. It floats too, letting you bring it on the water. 

  • MuleSkin EV fabric
  • PolarLayer insulation
  • IM AirValve for packability
  • Rolltop access
  • Welded seams
  • Waterproof
  • Backpack carry style
  • Compact

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