Julbo  Arise Sunglasses

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Developed to tackle all terrains, our Arise model is your new multisport passport to the great outdoors. The adjustable temples, ultra-slim frame and curved design guarantee optimal grip, coverage and extra-wide vision. Available with REACTIV Photochromic lenses and featuring classy looks thanks to flowing lines, Arise offers a real adventurer feel for all sports activities and everyday outings. Wraparound wide shape, Wraparound profile combining protection and good vision. Panoramic view, Wide lens surface for maximum field of vision. Side venting, Side venting of air and humidity created by the lens shape. Adjustable temples, The temple has a core so that the end can be perfectly adjusted and adapted to a helmet, hat or cap. Nose Grip , Flexible, shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge. Grip Tech, Exclusive soft-comfort material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, giving perfect grip and comfort

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