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Julbo  Capstan Sunglasses

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Capstan is a faithful companion for sailors keen to cast off for inshore sailing or the high seas whenever they get the urge. Compact and lightweight, these sunglasses fit the shape of the face perfectly. Curved temples guarantee good grip and the floating cord is great insurance - no risk of losing them as you change tack. Polarized lenses eliminate reflections on the surface of the water, making any body of water easy to read. Capstan: the crew member of choice to help you discover the secrets of our coasts or long-distance crossings. Total Cover, Maximum protection from sunlight in extreme conditions. Curved temples, Ergonomic profile for good grip on the face and head. Cord attachment, Allows attachment of a cord. Supplied with a floating cord, Improves frame grip and keeps them on the surface if they fall in the water.

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