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MyBottle Purifier Bottle


MyBottle Purifier Bottle

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Contained in a water bottle, this purification system is convenient for backpackers, day trippers, and other travellers. Just add water. The system works in three stages – a large cyst filter removes protozoa, an iodine resin cartridge kills smaller bacteria and inactivates viruses, and a carbon post-filter removes chemicals, tastes, and odours.

Features :
• Bottle is made of food grade polyethylene.
• Effective against protozoa, bacteria, and viruses.
• The cartridge and filters are independently replaceable and each one lasts for about 100 litres of water.
• Ergonomic drinking valve opens with a flick of the finger.
• Fits into bike bottle holders and bottle belts.
• Due to residual iodine, this product is not for use by pregnant women or people with existing iodine sensitivities.
• Weight: 275g