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Taz 1500

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Taz 1500

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The ultimate all in one bar light that outshines many car headlamps and fits in the palm of your hand. Perfect for the most technical singletrack or critical commute where lumen output is a priority.

Featuring :
• 1500 Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
• Engineered with a 3 LED array using the highest level CREE LEDs
• Sealed, waterproof design – up to 1m
• Includes GoPro mount interface
• Custom engineered reflector/optics diffuses the bottom LED to cover an ultra-wide spread down in front and focuses the top two LEDs to penetrate the darkness with a far-reaching beam, without wasting any light.
• Beam pattern was engineered to maximize visibility at high velocity with ample beam distance lead-time and the widest beam angle for the sharpest turns.
• Side lighting to maximize visibility on roadways with a dedicated button to toggle the side lights on/off.
• IP67 Rating - Tested to be fully waterproof in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes
• Included : Handlebar mount, GoPro Mount, 4 foam strips, thin mount pad, micro USB charging cable

Specifications :
• Lumens : High 1500 - Med 750 - Low 350
• Run Time : High 1.5 hrs - Med 3 hrs - Low 6 hrs
• Charge Time : 4 hrs/8 hrs/14 hrs
• System Weight : 216 Gr.
• Size : 2'' x 1.75'' x 4.2''

Features :
• 180 visibility : Beam pattern designed to provide visibility and safety for a full 180 degrees.
• Depth Rated : Fl-1 Certification depth rating for waterproofness.
• Impact Resistance : FL-1 Certification rating for impact resistance based on ANSI-NEMA testing.
• Side Lights : Safety feature to provide side-lighting for increased visibility on roadways.
• Smart Features : Advanced electronics design for optimizing the user experience.
• USB Rechargeable : Micro-USB provides the most versatile and convenient options to charge up.

Product style: lam-856-0588

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