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Little Yogi  Infant and Toddler Little Red Beach Harem

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Our harems with red sand pockets will be your best allies, all year long. Made of organic bamboo (70%) and organic cotton (30%), these evolutionary trousers are meant to be lightweight, but above all of absolute comfort. Bamboo is ultra absorbent, it keeps you dry and comfortable. It is a "thermo-regulating" material, so when it is very cold, the pores of the bamboo are tightened and allow to maintain a little more heat. Top opposite happens when it is very hot, the bamboo gives a freshness effect. This is ideal for newborns, who have difficulty regulating the temperature of their body. In addition, bamboo has certain anti-bacterial properties due to its organic agent, bamboo-kun '', which prevents the spread of bacteria, but also odors. The softness of bamboo, but also the fiber called "round" is ideal for sensitive skin or for children suffering from eczema.

About Little Yogi

Little Yogi is a children's clothing line created on a whim uniting two creative spaces: those of a mother-daughter duo. We combine high-quality materials with respect for children's development. We hope we've created a brand that can call itself socially responsible. We use eco-friendly ink and organic cotton, but we also address gender stereotypes by designing unisex, grow-with-me models. We artfully and jovially address a critique to an industry that's bigger than us and that too often divides children's world into two often limited worlds: boys and girls. Everything isn't blue or pink, and the potential of each child to become the best version of herself or himself must be recognized. Little Yogi clothing combines play, comfort and style.

Our motto for this locally sourced, locally made clothing: Let kids be kids!