Michael Kors  Women's Grommet Lacing Mj Dress

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Lacing Dress.

The women’s GROMMET LACING Mj Dress brings Michael Kors signature innovative detailing to a classic black dress just right for Holiday parties at the office or with friends. A poly-elastane body is movement-friendly and versatile. The wide collar line closes in a dramatic V-cut. Thick laces cross the front, running through bold, fine metal grommets, creating a timeless look of both historical and modern femininity. The tapered waist curves naturally to the hips and the hem hangs comfortably. Circular flounce sleeves add an airy touch to the silhouette.

  • Poly-elastane body
  • Solid metal lacing grommets
  • Wide lacing band at chest
  • Wide neck, V-cut bosom
  • Tapered waist
  • Circular flounce sleeves
  • Curved fit

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