Optimus  Crux Stove

$59.99 CAD

No Color / OS - $59.99 CAD

Extremely compact stove thanks to folding burner head.

Features :
• Weight: 83g
• Dimensions open: 76x57x34mm
• Gas: butane/propane
• Output: 3000 Watt; 10,200 BTU
• Burning time: up to 90 minutes at max output (220g canister)
• Cooking time: as little as 3 min/L depending on climate, altitude etc.
• The only stove that can be stowed in a space-saving way in the cavity of the gas cartridge
• Powerful and stable 3000 W burner for efficient cooking
• Large burner head for optimal heat distribution
• Precise flame control - simmering without burning
• Pot support inner arms double as windshield
• CE certified: CE-048BN-0045

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