Salomon  S/Max Sigma Goggles and Extra Lens - Unisex

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From high-speed arcs to the freedom of playing with gravity, S/MAX SIGMA™ goggles deliver enhanced fit, vision, and instant lens changes to help you blow past your limits. SIGMA™ lenses amplify contrast, enabling the eye to read terrain variations in all light conditions. Includes 2 SIGMA™ lenses for bright sunny or snow and overcast conditions.

• Amplified vision: “A-cut” shape frame to expand & maximize your lateral vision in the low bottom part
• SIGMA Technology: SIGMA is a Salomon Innovative Lens Solution that impressively amplifies color contrast on snow, enabling the eye to instantly read terrain variations in a wider range of light
• Twin lock system: Instant lens change to enjoy the most of the day riding. Change the lens even while wearing gloves

• Improved visual acuity: SIGMA™ lenses improve definition to help you see terrain details better, especially in snowy or overcast light conditions.
• Amplified Field of Vision : The shape of the frame has been adjusted to provide an even greater field of vision at the lower extremities, where you want it most. 
• Advanced fit and comfort : Anatomically refined fit comes from Salomon's Custom ID fit technology, which allows the soft part of the frame to match each individual's unique features. 

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