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Shewee  Shewee Extreme

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Shewee is an ergonomically designed female urine device that provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating without removing clothes while standing up! Ideal for outdoor activities or simply to avoid contact with public toilets.

• If you are wearing bulky clothing, attach the extension pipe to your Shewee
• Undo trousers, push underwear to the side and place Shewee gently against body with outlet pipe directly away from body
• Aim urine away from feet, into a toilet or container
• When finished, pull funnel away and wipe (liquid repellent surface ensures no drips)
• Replace Shewee & Extension pipe back into the case

Shewee is washable by hand or by machine and can withstand temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius. On leaving the body, urine is sterile.

Shewee Extreme contains a Shewee (classic), the outlet pipe for when wearing bulky clothing in extreme weather conditions and the storage case.

• Polypropylene
• Reusable

• 170mm x 35mm

Weight: 151g

Finally, make sure the wind is always on your back!

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