SILVA  Cross Trail 5 Ultra Headlamp

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Cross Trail 5 Ultra is a comfortable, lightweight headlamp designed for multi-athletes who not only enjoy running, skiing and biking, but want push even further towards those extensive training sessions and races. It’s been recommended by Swedish Vasaloppet as a great guide in their nighttime skiing race of 90 km – and with double battery packs, it has a burn time of up to 90 + 25 hours, which you can extend by bringing some extra AA batteries. So if you feel like you could go on forever, this headlamp will be right there with you.

• Battery ~ Yes 1x Rechargeable 3.3Ah Li-ion USB (external battery pack), 4xAA (AA not included)
• Indicators ~ Flash warning, Green/Red LED
• Beam pattern ~ Flow Light, Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution
• Carrying options ~ Bike attachment, Headband, Helmet attachment
• Connection System ~ Yes Enables use of any SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008 and onwards. If the cable fits, it works
• Discharge time 3.3Ah ~ Max mode -5: 4hrs +20: 8hrs Med -5: 6hrs +20: 10hrs Mode: Min mode -5: 20hrs +20: 25hrs
• Discharge time 4xAA ~ Max mode -5: 4hs +20: 6hrs Med -5: 10hrs +20: 12hrs Mode: Min mode -5: 70hrs +20: 90hrs
• Light distance ~130m, 80m,50m
• Light modes ~ Max, Med, Min, Blink
• Light output ~ Max 500lm, Med 250lm, Min 80lm
• Material ~ ABS, Aluminium, PC, TPU
• Safety Light ~ Red rear light
• Water resistant ~ Yes
• Weight ~ Battery: 152g, 168g Lamp Unit: 78g

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