SILVA  Cross Trail 6 Ultra Headlamp

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Cross Trail 6 Ultra is the ultimate all-round headlamp, with double battery packs and a very generous burn time. It is sure to be a reliable companion during your most extensive training sessions. Fits perfect for cross-country skiing, running, biking and the days when you just want to get going without getting interrupted. With 6 Ultra you also get Tyto Red, an additional safety light.

With a generous burn time and smart features such as Silva Flow Light and Silva Intelligent Light as well as a multitude of attachment options. Cross Trail 6 Ultra is the perfect all-round companion for the most demanding activities. It is a comfortable, lightweight headlamp designed for multi-athletes who not only enjoy running, skiing and biking, but want push even further towards those extensive training sessions and races. It also features our red safety light, Tyto Red for extra visibility.

Double battery packs - With double battery packs, it has a very generous burn time, which you can extend even more by bringing some extra AA batteries. So if you feel like you could go on forever, this headlamp will be right there with you. The included battery packs are a USB Rechargeable 2.0Ah Battery and a 4xAA battery pack.

The Cross Trail series - Cross Trail is the ultimate all-round series for you who enjoy both running, biking and skiing. All models come with the same light and features – what differs is the batteries.

Choose Cross Trail 6 with 4xAA batteries if your use will be irregular and if you value really long burn time. If you plan to use your headlamp on a more regular basis, Cross Trail 6x with a rechargeable 2.0Ah battery will get the job done. However, if you do not want to compromise, go with Cross Trail 6 Ultra and receive double battery packs – that will keep you going even during the most demanding training sessions.

• DOUBLE BATTERY PACKS - Double battery packs enable long runs and races
• SAFETY LIGHT INCLUDED - A red rear light adding extra visibility in the dark
• SILVA INTELLIGENT LIGHT® - A unique combination of long reach spot light and a close flood light - giving you a clear view of both near and far obstacles
• SILVA FLOW LIGHT - Varies the light pattern depending on your activity
• MULTI ATTACHMENT – HEAD, BIKE, HELMET - Use the same lamp for several activities.

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