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Superfeet BLUE were designed to improve the overall fit and performance of a wide range of footwear. The biomechanical shape and design have made the BLUE one of our most popular insoles year after year.

• Moderately deep heel cup provides control and comfort
• Anatomical arch shape accommodates most foot types
• Friction control top cover
• Durable and light weight external Polypropylene support cap
• Thinner profile is ideal for tight fitting shoes
• Durable and flexible pre-compressed feam top
• Stromg and light weight 3/4 length support cap
• Reinforced for optimum flexibility in the mid foot
• Durable and flexible pre-compressed foam top
• Recommended foot type: Ideal for feet with low to medium arches that may not tolerate maximum support.
• Recommended footwear: Cleated athletic footwear, running and hiking shoes, and all types of casual and dress shoes.

Fit Profile:
• Medium-profile insole with the shape that can fit into most footwear while providing a medium level of support.
•Fits Best In: Most types of low- and medium- volume footwear, even some without removable insoles.

ADD/APT: The Superfeet ADD/APT SYSTEM™ traces back to our start as the Sports Medicine Division of the Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in 1974. ADD/APT encompasses the biomechanical science, technology, function and craftsmanship that adjust your footwear's flat, 2-dimensional midsole to your 3-dimensional foot.

Available Sizes:
• USexA: Women's 3-4
• USexB: Women's 4.5-6
• USexC: Women's 6.5-8 | Men's 5.5-7
• USexD: Women's 8.5-10 | Men's 7.5-9
• USexE: Women's 10.5-12 | Men's 9.5-11
• USexF: Women's 12.5 et + | Men's 11.5-13
• USexG: Men's 13.5-15
• USexH: Men's 15.5-17

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