Victorinox  Waiter Red Pocket Knife

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Any wine connoisseur will tell you that a great wine tastes better with age; we feel the same way with the design of our knives. The Waiter is the latest knife in our collection and can pair well with bottles and cans at home or on a picnic.

Designed for picnicking and wine connoisseurs, the 3 1/4" Waiter features all the implements needed for opening wine and pop-off top bottles or cans.

• toothpick
• Combination tool with cap lifter
• can opener
• screwdriver
• wire stripper
• large blade
• wire stripper
• corkscrew
• bottle opener
• can opener with small screwdriver
• key ring
• tweezers

• Color: Vx Red
• Blade Type: Multi tool
• Length: 84 mm
• Width: 1 "
• Height: 0.8 "
• Weight: 1.2 oz
• Handle Material: Cellidor polished.

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