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Kendall Creek Blanket


Kendall Creek Blanket

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Woolrich is dedicated to producing blankets that will become treasured keepsakes for years to come. They employ two advanced weaving techniques—jacquard and dobby—to create this collection of exclusive blanket designs.

Jacquard: A weaving technique known as jacquard enables Woolrich to create very detailed, complex patterns with color gradations and bold patterns. Because a jacquard loom controls individual threads on the loom, the intricate patterns can be incorporated into the weave of the blanket, rather than printed or dyed into the fabric.
Dobby: A dobby is a special loom attachment that facilitates the weaving of fabric with tightly woven, repeating geometric shapes and textures. Employing the dobby technique, they can create multi-textured blankets.

• Over-seamed and crochet whip-stitched all around
• Material: 95 % soft wool, 5 % nylon
• Size: 50 x 70 in
• Made in USA
• Weight: 15 oz / yard