Introducing norda, founded in Montreal and proudly Canadian, and makers of the sustainable norda trail running shoes in a series that flat-out performs. norda is breaking boundaries and making history to prove that performance and sustainability should always run together. 

The dual commitment to high performance and sustainability is only possible because of a decision to use the most innovative materials on Earth. If norda compromised on technology, both performance and sustainability would suffer. So, no compromises.

sustainable materials

Bio-based Dyneema Fibre, found in the upper of the norda 001, is the world’s strongest and lightest fibre. It uses a mass balance approach, is sustainably sourced, and is both a BlueSign-approved material and ISCC certified

Of all high-performance fibres, Dyneema delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength. 75% of the energy used to manufacture Dyneema Fibre comes from renewable energy sources saving C02 emissions equivalent to 13,000 vehicles.

The norda 001 is the first ever shoe to use Dyneema in this way, ensuring it is not only ultra-light but strong enough to survive any trail. Again and again.

“When we set out to create the norda 001, our mission was to design an ultra-strong and durable high performance trail running shoe, and do it as sustainably as possible,” state Willamina and Nick Martire, CEO & Co-Founders of norda. 

“To achieve our goal, we had to look outside of the standard materials used by the footwear industry. We realized the properties of bio-based Dyneema beat everything available today.”


norda collaborated with iconic sole-manufacturer Vibram to create the ultimate high-performance trail-running platform. Vibram soles are found on shoes all over the world but this project inspired them to unlock their arsenal in order to deliver something truly exceptional.

The norda x Vibram formation sole is inspired by the Canadian Shield, the largest and strongest pre-Cambrian rock formation on Earth – literally the bedrock of Canada. The norda 001 grip features the island of Montreal and the surrounding topography. The result of the design is exceptional front to back and lateral grip.  

The soleplate is engineered with Vibram Litebase technology to conserve energy and enhance performance, with a 30% reduction in overall sole weight. Vibram Mega Grip rubber delivers superior durability, traction and the strongest possible grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The midsole is engineered with Vibram SLE, to provide the lightest weight and the highest rebound performance. This is best-in-class for cushioning and durability.

From the very beginning the norda mission has been about helping every runner love every run, by empowering runners to push their individual performance further than they thought possible. But norda also does this by ensuring we can all live up to our collective responsibility to protect exactly what makes trail-running so spectacular: the natural world we run through.