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About Norda Run

If you’re looking for high-performance, eco-friendly, trail running footwear, look no further than Norda. The brand combines breathability, ultra light design, and first-rate fabrics to create something that is truly built for four-season trail running in Canada.

A Brand that Promotes Healthy Feet

Norda was inspired by Canada’s toughest conditions—quite literally from -35℃ to +35℃. But why build a four-season trail shoe at all?
There’s no doubt that Norda shoes were designed for runners, by runners. Nick and Willa worked tirelessly alongside industry experts to produce a shoe that you can depend on in any situation. The materials, construction, fit, and even style have all been carefully considered to deliver an absolute show-stopper.
Meanwhile, Norda’s "0 compromise" mindset has allowed them to grow and nurture a worldwide fanbase. Once exclusive to Canada, the brand has now penetrated international markets. Today you’ll find vendors all across the US, Europe, Asia, and even Australia.
But, as they day, the devil’s in the details. Let’s look at exactly what makes Norda such a pioneering force in trail running footwear.

Innovative Materials

Norda has set a high bar when it comes to cutting-edge construction, innovative design, and sustainability. Their ...flagship product, the Norda 001, features a highly responsive midsole EVA cushion alongside a Vibram MegaGrip rubber outsole.
But what really sets Norda apart from other companies is their material innovation. They are the world’s first brand to incorporate Dyneema into their trail shoes—a fibre renowned for its waterproofing, near-weightlessness, and sheer muscle. In fact, Dyneema boasts a strength-to-weight ratio 15x that of steel.
So next time you hit the trail, run with confidence—run with Norda.

Norda in the Wild

Norda isn’t just any other shoe company—they’re a proactive member of the trail running community. Their involvement includes sponsorships that allow athletes to thrive and pursue their dreams.
This includes the likes of Ray Zahab (a Canadian long-distance runner, writer, and motivational speaker), Jovica Spajic (a Serbian ultra-marathoner, counter-terrorist, and jiu-jisu blackbelt), and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Norda shoes made?

Norda shoes are something of an international project: The upper, bluesign-certified materials are crafted in Europe; the Dyneema fibres are sourced from American manufacturers; and the assembly takes place in China, in some of the country’s best research and development (R&D) facilities.

Are Norda shoes waterproof?

For the most part, Norda shoes are indeed waterproof. The bio-based Dyneema fabric is completely hydrophobic, meaning it has absolutely no taste for water. In fact, the fabric has a long history as first-choice sailcloth for exactly that reason. More recently, Dyneema has been leveraged by outdoor companies to create fully waterproof backpacks.

What are Norda shoes made for?

Above all else, Norda shoes are designed for trail running. The brand is the first to incorporate Dyneema, the world’s strongest, lightest, and most waterproof fibre. This makes them an excellent choice for runners who want to move quickly while staying perfectly dry.

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