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About Atomic Canada

Built in the slopes of Austria by skiers for skiers, Atomic is one of the leading brands in alpine sports gear. You’ll find high-quality skis, boots, goggles, and poles as well as well-fitting and performance driven apparel with Atomic.

Carving Out A Beginning

Nearly eight decades ago, Atomic got its start by Alois Rohrmoser in the Austrian Alps as a small ski company. Within the first two years, Rohrmoser produced more than 2,000 skis––40 of which were hand-carved in his home workshop and made only of wood.
Since Atomic’s explosive beginnings, they’ve persevered with a relentless spirit. Not only have they created some of the best skis that are fun to glide in, many athletes have won championships across the world ... wearing the Atomic brand.
The Atomic quality is attributed to their meticulous attention to detail, experience in the field, and their willingness to innovate. Men, women, and children alike will find everything they need with Atomic.

Quality In The Design

Though Atomic became known for their high-quality skis, the brand eventually expanded to include a multitude of other products for skiers. Drawing inspiration from the world around them (you know, crisp snow and dramatic landscapes), Atomic designs sporty yet timeless products.
Ski boots for kids, jackets for women, or the Gore-Tex Pants for men, are just some examples of how far the brand has expanded. Their line of products has a cohesive colour palette which complements the deliberateness behind their product design. Variations of red, grey, and teal make up the majority of their clothing line.
Designing products with a strong sense of consistency contributes to the quality of their products and what makes them a well-trusted brand across the globe.
Whether you’re shredding on a blue bird day or waking early for that first powder run, Atomic knows that the only way to conquer a mountain is if you’re dressed properly for the occasion.

Athletes Around The World

Atomic wouldn’t be who they are today without the athletes that support them. The brand relies on their top-performing skiers for product innovation and putting in a good word. Pros like Mikaela Shiffrin, Nicol Delago, and Marco Schwarz are all successful contributors to Atomic’s line up of almost 30 ambassadors and athletic partners. Trusted by the pros, Atomic is the best choice for ski gear and apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atomic MemoryFit?

Atomic MemoryFit is a heating technology that allows the wearer to perfect the shape of their boots––in a matter of minutes. The shell is first inserted into an oven and, when it becomes soft enough, is removed from the heat and the inner shoe is placed inside. The wearer slips their foot into the inner shoe barrier and stands on a cooling mat for only a few moments. It’s as simple as that!

Where does Atomic make their skis?

Nestled in the quaint town of Altenmarkt, Austria, rests a ski factory owned by Atomic. Within this factory, all Atomic skis are pressed and inspected by pros before they’re shipped across the world.

Does Atomic make good skis?

Atomic makes good skis. They are, infact, regarded as one of the best ski brands in the world and maintain a high-quality output that’s responsible for this title. In addition to their good skis, Atomic makes boots, bindings, helmets, goggles, apparel, and poles. Whether you’re a competitive racer or a recreational drifter, Atomic has everything you need to get out on the slopes.

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