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BLACKYAK delivers high-quality outdoor gear from Korea

It’s not easy to find the perfect outdoor gear. But it gets a whole lot easier once you stumble upon BLACKYAK.
Founded in 1973 (under Dongjin Mountain), BLACKYAK is a Korean company committed to providing high-quality clothing and gear to the most adventurous among us. It makes sense then that the company is named after the yak, an animal found in the heights of the Himalaya mountains. Strong and reliable, BLACKYAK took note of the way that mountaineers depended on yaks and decided to design clothing that could do the same thing.

Products that are made for mountaineering

Still not universally known on the Canadian scene, BLACKYAK is anything but new. Professional outdoorsmen (and women) have been enjoying their equipment and clothing around the world for years. New fans of this brand take note of its fashionable colours and innovative design. BLACKYAK is a common name in Korea with more than 300 stores located around the country.
BLACKYAK has come a long way from when they first opened a store in Seoul’s garment district in the early 1970s. BLACKYAK uses high-end materials that outdoor lovers have come to know and love, like Gore Tex. Their clothing is suitable for casual ...use or for use in extreme sports like skiing and, of course, mountain climbing.
Some of the most popular items include backpacks, trekking pants, fleece jackets, and even walking poles.

A company on a sustainable mission

As a company who designs products to be used in nature, it makes sense that they have a strong sense of respect for their surrounding environment.
But this is not all that Buff offers. They also offer accessories like hats, bandanas, and balaclavas. Create the perfect accompaniment for your winter outerwear. Our coats and snowpants do a great job of keeping us warm, but if you forget about accessories, you might still manage to feel cold.
The company’s dedication to sustainability includes working with manufacturers who treat their employees fairly. They possess a membership in both the European Outdoor Conservation Association and the Fair Labor Association.
BLACKYAK is also involved with a number of charitable missions, including a campaign to clean mountains of any debris or materials that hikers leave behind. They also work with communities within the Himalayan Mountains to provide aid in times of need.

From Seoul, South Korea to everywhere else

It was only a few years ago that BLACKPAK clothing became available to an audience in Europe. Now, BLACKYAK is finally easily available to a Canadian audience.
It’s easy to shop BLACKYAK’s latest styles at Altitude Sports. Orders $49 and over ship free across Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BLACKYAK a good brand?

BLACKYAK is known as one of the best brands in outdoor activewear. They are beloved for their sleek designs and high quality.

Who owns BLACKYAK?

BLACKYAK is owned by Tae Sun King, a professional mountaineer.

Is BLACKYAK a Korean brand?

Yes, BLACKYAK is a Korean brand. Its first store was in Seoul.

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