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Shop Parajumpers in Canada: a Brand You Can Trust

If you love quality fashion and the great outdoors, then you’re probably familiar with Parajumpers. It’s the brainchild of designer Massimo Rossetti and was founded in Italy in 2006. Within this short time, the company has built up a stellar reputation and is known as one of the most reliable (and stylish) outdoor wear brands on the market.

Utilitarian Elements Meet Stylish Designs

Parajumpers gets its name and main inspiration from real-life parajumpers. Parajumpers are also called pararescuemen or women or simply PJs. They’re trained professionals who perform extreme rescues to save people caught in peril.
While performing these missions, PJs need protective outerwear that leaves no room for mishaps. Parajumpers, as a brand, applies the same level of detail to their products. This is true whether it’s jackets, sneakers, sweaters, or ...accessories. With Parajumpers, shoppers are receiving a clothing item that’s not only inspired by the outdoors but also built to last in the outdoors. For the man or woman who lives to be outside, there couldn’t be anything better.
So what exactly does this look like? It means that Parajumpers items contain wonderful contradictions. They are both up on the latest technology and are built to last. They are both functional and ahead of the curve of the latest fashion trends. Plus, they offer a high quality in return for their price tag. At Altitude Sports, we sometimes even run sales on popular Parajumper categories.

Carefully-Crafted Clothing Options for Men and Women

Parajumpers is known for offering a minimalist approach to fashion. This means that instead of mass-producing items, they offer a small line of garment options. Parajumpers are best known for their utilitarian, military-inspired jackets. Many Parajumpers pieces are made from highly durable nylon material that can withstand extreme temperatures and activities.

Enjoy Durable Fabrics and Well-Intentioned Design

Now, shopping for your favourite Parajumpers style is as easy as shopping the items we have at sale here at Altitude. You don’t need to live in a major city like Toronto or Vancouver in order to benefit from a Parajumpers wardrobe item — although we do certainly ship to those cities as well!
Altitude Sports is proud to be a retailer of Parajumper clothing in Canada. Shop our Parajumpers clothing by colour — we have options in blue, orange, grey, white, green, and any other colour that captures the favourite trends of the season. Plus, enjoy free shipping on all orders $74 and over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parajumpers a luxury brand?

Yes, Parajumpers is a luxury brand. The qualities that make a brand luxurious include performance, materials, and exclusivity. Parajumpers check the boxes for all of the above, and also offer consumers a strong sense of place in time — in this case, customers put themselves in the shoes of an adventure-seeking parachutist.

Are Parajumpers warm?

Parajumpers offers coats and accessories with a range of temperature ratings. They offer jackets for moderate (mild) to extremely cold climates. The jackets that are rated for cold and very cold temperatures offer a higher degree of down fill and fill power and are very warm.

Are Parajumpers waterproof?

Parajumpers offers several waterproof jackets. It uses a highly effective technique of fabric protector treatment and inner polyurethane lamination.

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