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In Rockford, Michigan in 1883, G.A. Krause decided to start a small shop focused on manufacturing the highest-quality boots sourced with leather from a local tannery. By 1912, Krause's brand Wolverine had built a factory, struck a hydro deal with Rockford and were producing 300 pairs of shoes a day. The company cemented its stature with their famous “1000 Mile Boot,” handcrafted from a technique of processing durable horsehide with a soft and pliable feel built to last a thousand miles of wear. Today, Wolverine is still manufacturing their famous original leather boots in the United States, using 130-years of expert craftsmanship few companies can claim. With a stylish, functional, and immensely well-made selection of classic men’s and women’s footwear, Wolverines are genuinely authentic American fashion.
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