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Altitude Sports

Baffin  Men's Impact -100°C/-148°F

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Baffin's Polar Proven specialized boots are rated to perform at-100°C/-148°F.
Tested at both the North and South Poles, these boots perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions. In our Polar liners we doubled up on B-Tek insulation and added a double aluminum insole and waffle-comb foot-bed to trap the warm air produced by your body and keep the cold out. This series is appropriate for extended periods of time in extreme cold weather, snow and/or ice covered environments, where activity level may be low to moderate.

• Rating: -100 °C/-148 °F
• Integrated Arctic Flex rubber base
• INSOLE: Rubber with Waffle insole and reflective ''air bubble'' underfoot
• OUTSOLE: Premium polar rubber
• LINER: 8-layer inner boot system with Thermaplush
• UPPERS: Timberwolf leather and Diamond-Lite insulated nylon.
• Double-buckle fastening
• Waterproof, Diamond-Lite insulated nylon upper
• Waterproof nylon snow collar