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Safe drinking water anywhere in the world in just 15 minutes! Perfect for hiking, camping, boating and disaster preparedness. Water treatment that is completely safe to drink on a regular, daily basis when used as directed. When Pristine parts A and B are combined, chlorine dioxide is activated and releases oxygen in a highly active form to effectively kill bacteria and enhance the taste of water. Chlorine dioxide has been used in city water treatment plants safely for over 50 years. One 30-ml Pristine personal pack will treat up to 120 L of water. Pristine kills viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, botulism and E. coli. 2 x 60 ml (4 oz.) Bottles
When used correctly, Pristine makes lake, stream, river, or tap water safe for drinking by producing a dilute chlorine dioxide solution.

Directions for use
• Mix 5 drops of Pristine Part A and 5 drops of Pristine Part B in mixting cap.
• Let Pristine mixture react for 5 minutes to ensure full activation. The solution will turn bright yellow and will give off a strong chlorine-type odor(there is no free chlorine in the solution)
• Add Pristine solution to 1 L of suspect water. Shake or stir contents, rinse all potential drinking with the mixed solution and let stand for 15 minutes before drinking. 2 x 60ml (2oz.) Bottles
• Great for Home Use Camping and RV and Boat Holding Tanks.
• Designed to treat larger volumes of water such as a 20 litre bucket or a 200 litre drum
• Bottles have a screw-off lid for fast dispensing
• Purifies up to 240 litres (60 gallons) of water

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