Suunto  Compass MB-6

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A feature-packed compass in a handy matchbox style case
Suunto Match Box Compass
The Suunto MB-6 is a combination of a hand bearing and base plate compass in a highly resistant Noryl matchbox style case and is ideal for marine use. Though small and compact, the MB-6 boasts a host of invaluable features. Available also with the Global Balancing System.

Field compasses in general
Mechanical compasses have been working as the navigator since several thousands of years.Still today magnetic compass is environmentally friendly, cheap and the most reliable tool when choosing the course. The oldest Suunto field compasses, which are still in use, are manufactured in 1938. A high quality field compass hardly needs any other service than washing in fresh water from time to time. The compass works without any external power supply. The compass gets its power from nature – from the magnetic north pole.

Two Geographical Balancing Zones
The vertical intensity and direction of the earth's magnetic field, the inclination, influences the horizontal plane of a compass needle according to the latitude where it is used. Due to inclination, compasses must be balanced for different geographical zones in order to keep the needle in a horizontal position.Previously, the globe was divided into five different balance zones in which specific compasses functioned. However, as people travel more and more, the need for a compass with a greater geographical range has increased. Thanks to Suunto's 'Two Zone System' there are only two balance zones to consider in compass use - the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. In practice, this means that a Suunto compass designed for the northern hemisphere will still work for a fair distance into the southern hemisphere, and vice-versa..

Product info:
• Balanced for northern hemisphere
• Sighting compass with the mirror
• Matchbox style
• Highly resistant case
• Jewel bearing
• Adjustable declination correction scale
• Easy-to-read luminous markings help to use the compass in dark conditions
• Clinometer
• Comes with lanyard
• Size: 67 x 45 x 22 mm (with lid closed)
• Weight: 55 g / 1.94 oz

• Field Compass
Adjustable declination correction scale
Sighting hole
Mirror compass
Baseplate compass
Luminous markings

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