To make things easier, Canada Goose has a sizing guide with measurements for men, women and kids. The sizing chart features body measurements and will make things a lot easier when it comes to picking the right Canada Goose Jacket.

Whether you’re choosing between the Kensington, the Trillium, the Langford or the Expedition; you’ll want to make sure you check out the size guide to make sure the fit is optimal. 

Canada Goose Women’s Sizing Chart

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Canada Goose Men’s Sizing Chart

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Canada Goose Children’s Sizing Chart

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Size & Fit

Size and fit are two different things. Each size is tailored for specific body measurements and can usually be found on the tag. Different fits aren’t always available, but when they are, they give more range to standard sizing. To provide you with more choice, Canada Goose has designed jackets with SlimRegular and Relaxed fits. They’ve also created the Fusion Fit for smaller frames that require a different fit than the standard.

Slim Fit

Slim fit Canada Goose jackets are tighter than standard fits. If you prefer a snug fit that’s close to the body, you’ll want a slim fit. For this fit, if you’re debating between two sizes, you should consider the larger of the two.

Regular Fit

Regular fit Canada Goose parkas have a standard fit with a bit more room. For this fit, you can refer to the size you would typically wear for a winter jacket. Keep in mind, for those who want a fit that’s closer to the body, ordering a size smaller will mean shorter sleeves.

Relaxed Fit

The relaxed fit is very loose. You might think you’re wearing the wrong size, but the extra room has a function. If you’re the type who likes to layer up on cold days, you’ll want to consider the relaxed fit. 

Despite the looseness, all relaxed fit Canada Goose coats are still made with specific body measurements in mind. If you’re debating between two sizes, try ordering the smaller one. If you’re looking for a slimmer fit and thinking of going down more than one size, you should consider another model or fit.

To find the perfect winter coat, check out our guide on choosing the right winter jacket. It has plenty of helpful tips to help you choose the jacket with the right size, fit, and style to match your needs.