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About Canada Goose Jackets

Trusted by the world since 1957, Canada Goose sets the bar for quality outdoor apparel. From being an established community team-player to making a big name for themselves in the fashion industry, there’s no reason not to love them.

Truly Canadian

Canada Goose has a long relationship with the great north. This luxury brand established itself back in 1957 and has dominated the industry with their state-of-the-art winter parkas, jackets, and vests ever since.
Known as a go-to for high-profile film sets and arctic expeditions, the brand has... been trusted by various enthusiasts and respected scientists. They also have a reputation for collaborating with celebrities and charities around the world, bringing warmth and funding to important research projects and initiatives.
From down parkas and vests to bomber shells, this premium brand takes pride in their ethically sourced materials that we’ve all come to love and trust. At the end of the day, Canada Goose designs apparel that’s suitable for any situation, from extreme weather conditions to a light mountain drizzle. Whatever you’re searching for, they’ve got it.

The Canada Goose Impact

Ever wonder how companies source sewists to construct their garments? Well, Canada Goose has answered that for us and we’re pretty darn satisfied. While everyone else was busy moving their manufacturing to Asia, Canada Goose stayed put and started their very own Sewing Training Schools.
The goal was to create a six-week programme specifically for the unemployable, underemployed, and immigrants struggling to find a job.
While trainees learn challenging new sewing techniques, they have the option to simultaneously opt into language learning courses for either French or English or both. This allows them to improve their market value post-training, improving skills they can take with them anywhere.
This programme not only graduates their trainees to the title of Sewing Machine Operator but opens a door to the rest of the company. Providing open-access job opportunities to these individuals allows them to eventually take on roles as engineers, managers, and various other high-ranking positions within the company.

Sustainability Never Ends

Canada Goose has taken the initiative to pair with global organisations to improve the quality of their business practices.
This includes certifications from the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) that monitors their down sourcing. They’ve also paired with bluesign®–an organisation that aids companies to improve their internal business practices regarding worker rights and environmental impact.
The company also created a committee called Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs), whose sole purpose is to source and produce the most sustainable materials for their products. To keep their committee in check, they’ve partnered with a third-party regulator, Textile Exchange, who closely monitors and verifies their sustainability claims.
They’re holding themselves accountable and have begun transitioning to organic cotton, recycled synthetic fibres, and the use of recycled plastics for hardware used on their parkas, jackets, and vests.
By 2025, as verified by Textile Exchange, the company is on track to meet their goal of 90% PFMs. This is what makes us proud to call Canada Goose a true Canadian company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Canada Goose use goose down or duck down?

Canada Goose fills their parkas, jackets, and vests with a mixture of down. All of their down is certified with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) stamp.
In addition to ensuring that their down-fill is always a by-product of the poultry industry, this stamp certifies that the Five Freedoms of animal welfare are tightly followed. This means that live-plucking and force-feeding are forever prohibited.

Where are Canada Goose jackets made?

All Canada Goose products are proudly made in Canada. You can find their manufacturing facilities near Toronto, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Are goose down jackets good?

Ah, the age-old question! The short answer is, yes. The more in depth answer is, it depends.
Goose down is known for being highly heat retentive while being simultaneously light and compressible. The downside is that frequent washing can result in a loss of loftiness and feathers over time. What’s more, down also doesn’t like to stay warm in wet conditions.
Luckily, parkas and other jackets featuring a hydrophobic outer shell keep water out. That way your feathery interior always stays toasty!
Do consider that puffers (or, as some of us like to say, puffies) are typically considered water-resistant as opposed to waterproof. They’re best paired with a removable outer shell on rainy days. And, as always, be sure to carefully follow washing instructions as indicated by the hangtag found on your garment.

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