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About AKU

Devoted to quality, function, and enough gumption to withstand the harshest conditions, AKU footwear is built to last through hard use by hard-working people.
Based in Montebelluna, Italy, AKU takes pride in supplying outdoor footwear of the utmost comfort and quality. From hunting to backpacking to tactical wear, AKU has something for everyone that’s meant to hold up to use and abuse in all conditions.
AKU is committed to cutting out the middleman to avoid unnecessary supply chain costs and manufactures most of its products in Italy or Romania, keeping AKU products ...accessible. Genuine leather and comforting insoles provide comfort and durability over miles of trails and terrain, through mountains, canyons, mud, or rock. AKU has rigorous quality control testing in every stage of the production process so you can remain confident in your footwear, adventure after adventure.

Keep Trekking

Whether hiking, climbing or even walking, your feet are your lifeline. Your feet are what carry you and they demand exceptional protection. Low-quality gear and foot protection mean putting yourself at risk for open sores, stress fractures, and even trench foot.
Feet need to stay dry, cushioned, supported, and secure through all parts of your trip in order to stay healthy, and that’s only covering the inside of your shoe. The outside of your footwear is just as important when selecting a shoe that’s right for you and your travels. Tread material has to withstand diverse landscapes to give you the grip you need for safety mile after mile.
Consistent and reliable performance is what keeps you hiking more trails, longer. From your ankles to your toes, trust that Altitude Sports has your back when it comes to the right fit. AKU hiking boots are a great place to start.

Premium Hiking with Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports is your source for quality hiking footwear and clothing; we keep your body protected from the elements with top-quality gear so you can make those memories year after year. Our free shipping over $74 and 30-day return policy help you feel even more confident in your purchase decisions. We encourage feedback and reviews on products so that each one of our customers can read honest opinions on a purchase they’re considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do AKU boots last?

AKU boots are designed to last hundreds of miles; many reviewers have raved how well the AKU sole units and inner portions of these mountaineering boots last over challenging terrain. AKU even boasted a contract with the British Army.

Do AKU boots fit true to size?

AKU has a system for calculating boot size. Mark just behind your heel and in front of your longest toe and measure this distance (in centimeters) to find your Mondopoint, then use AKU’s size guide to find your perfect fit.

What's the difference between the men's and women's AKU boots?

AKU has designed men’s and women’s boots to fit precisely to each anatomical structure difference. Men’s feet generally are wider and larger, while a female foot is narrower and smaller. Product reviews provide helpful information regarding genuine fit and feel.

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